Things I Need To Do……

Get up off my ass and get to the gym.  What is the point of mum and I paying all that money for a gym membership if I’m not going to use it?

Walk more. Yes, I know people can lose weight without exercising, but I want to get fitter, healthier and stronger and to do that, I need to MOVE.

Drink more water.  I keep getting headaches, this is because I’m not drinking enough during the day.

Cut down on the amount of white bread I’m eating. I broke the ‘no eating white bread’ rule a couple of weeks ago and slowly but surely its been creeping back into my diet.  This isn’t necassarily a bad thing, but for me it is because I tend to over eat on white bread and it bloats me and leaves me feeling sluggish and gross.

Keep doing what I’m doing weight watchers wise. I’m sticking to my points and steadily losing weight, which is what I want.

A very satisfying and pleasing non scale victory I had today, is that I saw one of my managers today, who I hadn’t seen in weeks, and she told me that she could see that I’d lost weight, and it was such a boost to hear that. I mean, I can see the changes but its nice to see that other people are starting to notice the difference.  So pleased!!

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