Week 5 results, weights and measurements.

So, I’m back from my holiday, and hopefully now I can update my site more regularly. I want to post at least two to three times a week, so this can be a proper log of my weight loss and fitness journey.

I weighed in this morning and I’d lost 2lbs, which is 18 pounds in five weeks.  I am really pleased with my weight loss because this is what I wanted slow and steady weight loss.  That’s two pounds a week for the past two weeks, which is fine by me.

I’m still finding weight watchers simple to do, which is good because I don’t see this as something I’m doing, so that in the future I can go back to eating the way I was eating before. I see this as the way I’m going to eat and live going forward.  I still haven’t gone to the gym yet, which is bad because its been three weeks since I signed up for it. But work wise, and being on holiday, everything has been hectic but this is the week that all changes. I’m determined that Wednesday I’m going to the gym. Come hell, highwater, rain or snow.

When  I came home from spending time with my friend after work today, I asked my mum to take my photo and do my measurements.  I’ve decided that to keep an accurate count of the way my body is changing, doing this every four weeks would be the best way.  So, I got my photos taken and to be honest, I didn’t see a massive difference, but then I wasn’t expecting to. Its only been four weeks. I wouldn’t expect to see the big changes until I’ve lost about three stone.  I mean, I see some small changes like my face is slimmer, and I’ve lost weight of my waist.  The biggest shock I got was when I did my measurements. I’ve lost 12 and a half inches from all over my body. Which translates as

  • 1 and a half inches from my left arm.
  • 2 inches from my right arm.
  • 2 inches from my chest.
  • 3 inches from my waist
  • 2 and a half inches from my hips
  • 1 and a half inches from my thighs.

So pleased with that result I could burst!!

I know that with going to the gym and going swimming (now that I’ve found a truly awesome pair of knee length swim shorts and a cute top) that will help with the toning and weight loss as well.

I just feel so pumped and motivated to keep going. Bring it on!


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