Non scale victories.

My journey with weight watchers is going really well, I feel motivated and want to keep going and losing weight, and it still feels practically effortless, its so simple. All I have to do is eat 3 meals a day, drink plenty of fluids and try to keep moving.  I’m not going into points and things like that here, but its easy to follow and fairly idiot proof.

The weirdest thing is that even though I’ll have only been doing this for three weeks on sunday, I can feel my body already changing. I’m losing inches from my stomach and my chest.  I can’t see my stomach over my boobs any more, which is amazing and I’m finding my clothes fit me so much better, or in some cases recently are getting too big.  That’s because before I started back at weight watchers I was buying most things a (UK) size 26/28 just so it didn’t cling to my stomach but now that my stomach has gone down it leaves it a bit too baggy. Its not too noticible right now so I’ll keep wearing them until they’re obviously too big.  I love feeling my body change and knowing that its because of my hard work.  I’m actually excited to see what the scales say on sunday.

Next Thursday, I go on holiday for a week, but I’m not bothered because me and my mum are going to stay with my gran in birmingham, so we can cook and stuff there so it won’t be a problem.  My mum and gran get on really well, they have done since my parents met.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her, I haven’t seen her in about a year, and she’ll be 90 this year, so I’m always aware of the passing of time.

We joined the gym last week but haven’t had the chance to go yet, things have been so hectic for me work wise that I’ve just concentrated on making sure I walk as much as possible.  But Monday and Wednesday we’re going to the gym and when we come home we’re going to go swimming, as I bought some knee length swim shorts so I won’t feel nearly as self conscious as I would other wise.  Things are looking up for me and I just feel so positive, I can’t wait for the coming year because I plan on making it epic.

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