Week 2 weigh in.

I weighed in this morning and I’d lost another 3 pounds. I was over the moon, so that’s 10lbs in 2 weeks I’ve lost and I just feel more and more motivated to keep going and keep losing weight and getting fitter. I feel better and I’ve been trying to walk at least 6000 steps a day and build up my fitness and I have to say that having a fitbit really has pushed me to keep walking and actually go out and walk on days where I’d rather sit and do nothing.

I’m not going to lie, walking can be tiring for me at the weight I am at the minute, I’m fine when I’m walking, its when I stop I go bright red and get really sweaty (this is mostly a problem when I walk to work as its a 20 minute walk and it is all uphill, the whole way.) but I don’t care. It proves that the exercise is working and I definitely think that losing 10lbs in two weeks shows that you don’t have to go mad and do tons of exercise when you’re starting out.  Just walk a little bit more each day, and it all helps.

1 thought on “Week 2 weigh in.”

  1. Beautiful! Keep doing what you’re doing and not a step more until you’re good and ready. I’ve done the all in thing where I push push push and it’s not maintainable. Reasonableness is a virtue. And 20 min uphill is pretty intense!


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