Week 10.

Stayed the same this week, which is annoying, but after a couple of minutes thinking I realised that I’ve been constipated for the past two or three days. Also, last week I’d not been eating breakfast I’d just been eating fruit, and I’d eaten more bread than usual. So, this week I’ve decided that I’m having a proper breakfast every day, eating more fruit and veg and only eating bread every second day. And, if things (literally) don’t move in the next day or so, I have laxatives but I’d rather not use them (and sorry for the tmi.)

Also, I get a sneaking suspicion that my period might be due any day which might have something to do with it, as well. Just feeling pretty blah at the minute to be honest. I’m still feeling positive and know that staying the same won’t derail me. I didn’t put on, and this week I’d done more exercise than usual, so that’s part of why I was annoyed.  But hey, keep moving and this week is a new week and we’ll see what next Sunday brings.

My plan for this week is aim for 2 litres of water a day, go to the gym three times and on the days I don’t go to the gym, go for a walk.  I knew this journey wouldn’t be all smooth sailing.  And thats okay with me, as long as I don’t let it derail me.

Working on my fitness.

Today was my first time back at the gym in about 2 years, I think.  I really enjoyed it, didn’t do much more than cardio for my first time back, but am going to get a program made up for me to combine cardio and weight training once I get a few more sessions under my belt.

I didn’t go huge guns and try everything at once. I did the treadmill, cross trainer (eliptical) and the stationary bike. All in all I did about 50 mins total.  I felt good about that and I know at the end of it I looked like a particularly sweaty tomato, but that doesn’t bother me. I’d be more worried if I worked out and didn’t sweat, to be honest.  (Not going to lie, right now, I don’t have a muscle that doesn’t hurt, even my butt hurts.  Literally aches as I’m sat here.  But I expected that so my plan is for a hot shower before an early night)  I’m actually really glad I waited until now to go back to the gym because I’ve lost 25.5 pounds. I can’t imagine trying to exercise when I first started on new years day. Just walking up the hill made me huff and puff.

My weight loss is still going really well, I lost 2lbs this week after staying the same last week. I took my measurements and I’d lost another 8 inches all over, which takes my total inches lost to 20.5.  4 inches off my bust, 3 inches of my waist, 4.5 inches off my hips, 1.5 inches of my thighs, 3 inches off my right arm and 3.5 off my left (or visa versa, I can’t remember of the top of my head.)

I’m really pleased with inches lost because it tells me that the changes I’m starting to notice in my body aren’t just my imagination.  The biggest change, in my opinion, is from my face and my chin. As in I only have half a chin left to lose instead of having two extra chins.  As I still have a long way to go, losing inches slowly, along with weight slowly and steadily is what I want.  I went back to the gym, not only to boost my weight loss but help tone me up as I lose the weight so that hopefully I won’t have lots of excess skin when I’m finished, and at a weight that is comfortable for me.

I feel like every week my confidence is growing as well. Things like a top that was a snug fit when I bought it six weeks ago fitting well, or a top that fit really well six weeks ago now being too big. It all makes me smile, knowing that I’m heading down toward the next size of clothing.

I have family coming in August to stay with us, so that’s thing to look forward to and also I’ve got a big family thing happening in October for my gran’s 90th birthday, where all my family from all over the UK will be there but also my cousin (who I’ve never met) and her husband and kids, and her mum (who I’ve met once, when I was fourteen), will be there from Australia, which will be a surprise as my gran has no idea they’ll be there.  With all the family being there and not having seen them since Jan this year when I went to stay with my gran, its going to be exciting to see how much weight I can lose (sensibly) between now and then. I’ve got roughly 7 and a half months or 33 weeks until then, or 32 weeks until MY birthday as its six days before my grans.  If I lose 2lb a week until then, that’s 64lbs on top of the 25 I’ve already lost makes that a loss of 89lbs, which is 6 stone and 5lbs, which would take me down to 12 stone 10lbs, or 178lbs.

I think the last time I was that weight was when I was about fourteen years old.  That’s crazy.  Of course, I might not lose that much, and that’s fine too.  As long as I keep losing weight, I don’t care what I lose.  If it takes me a year or three years, at least I know I’ll never again be 19st 1lb, or 267 pounds EVER AGAIN.

I have half a pound to my 10 per cent weight loss, which is a great achievement in and off itself.  After that my next goal is 10% again, which is 15 stone 7 pounds, or 217 pounds which is a loss of 24lbs.

I put in a post on the weight watchers app the other day that normally at this point, thinking about what I’ve got to lose would have put me off and I would have sabotaged myself and given up by now.  But now I feel like, I’ve lost 25lbs, okay bring on the next 25, and the one after that and so on until I get to my final weight.  I can’t weight, and I am looking so forward to being fit and healthy.  Bring it on!


I can’t believe its been almost three weeks since I last posted on here. In my defence, I’ve been busy, on holiday and ill,  not necessarily in that order.

My weight loss is still going great guns, I stayed the same this week but that was to be expected as it was my time of the month.  I kept meaning to make a post but things kept getting in the way. I don’t really have much to say, other than I’m still making good choices when it comes to what I’m eating and doing.

The good thing with weight watchers is that nothing is outlawed, if I want it, I can have it. But I’ve been trying to keep as healthy as possible and not eat too much fast food. Since Jan 1st this year, I’ve had no pizza. No McDonalds. No burger king. No massive bars of chocolate, no gorging on cakes and biscuits.

I had a takeaway when I was on holiday but I had a very small portion of chips with a fish cake.  I’ve had chocolate but instead of buying one big bar, I bought a multi pack of small bars of chocolate and a five pack lasted me about 10 days.  I’ve found healthier options to the old food I used to eat. Before I changed the way I was eating I used to eat Domino’s Pizza three to four times a week. Now if I want a pizza I make my own.  Its dead simple.  I use either a weight watcher wrap or a mission deli wrap for the base, a couple of tablespoons of tomato pasta sauce, low fat cheese and whatever toppings I want which is usually ham, mushrooms and peppers, topped with a bit more cheese and baked on a pizza tray in the oven for 10 mins. The wrap goes crispy and its absolutely beautiful.

I still love food, I still have a love/hate relationship with exercise, but overall things are going well. I’ve lost 23 and a half pounds in eight weeks, I’m 2 and a half pounds of my 10%, 4 and a half pound from my two stone, and 1 and a half pounds from 25lbs lost.

I still feel confident and know that I’m going to get to my goal weight, how long it takes isn’t the point of the journey.  It will take as long as it takes. I’ll get there eventually.

Things I Need To Do……

Get up off my ass and get to the gym.  What is the point of mum and I paying all that money for a gym membership if I’m not going to use it?

Walk more. Yes, I know people can lose weight without exercising, but I want to get fitter, healthier and stronger and to do that, I need to MOVE.

Drink more water.  I keep getting headaches, this is because I’m not drinking enough during the day.

Cut down on the amount of white bread I’m eating. I broke the ‘no eating white bread’ rule a couple of weeks ago and slowly but surely its been creeping back into my diet.  This isn’t necassarily a bad thing, but for me it is because I tend to over eat on white bread and it bloats me and leaves me feeling sluggish and gross.

Keep doing what I’m doing weight watchers wise. I’m sticking to my points and steadily losing weight, which is what I want.

A very satisfying and pleasing non scale victory I had today, is that I saw one of my managers today, who I hadn’t seen in weeks, and she told me that she could see that I’d lost weight, and it was such a boost to hear that. I mean, I can see the changes but its nice to see that other people are starting to notice the difference.  So pleased!!

Week four & more non scale victories

So I weighed in this morning and I’ve lost another two pounds this week, which makes sixteen in four weeks which I’m really pleased with.

If my weight loss stays at two pounds a week, I’ll be a very happy girl. As my weight loss had been dramatic to start with, I’m not going to lie, initially I was disappointed with losing two. Then I gave myself a swift kick in the rear because losing two pounds a week is what I’ve been aiming for all along.

The most important thing for me in getting my head around doing this was that I knew that losing weight slowly and consistently is the way to go if I want to finally get rid of this weight for good.  Plus, losing 2 pound a week meapns it should take me about a year-ish to get to goal weight.

I say ish because eventually there is going to come a point where I stay the same or even put on weight, which is fine as its part and parcel of losing weight while still having a life too.

I’m currently on holiday, visiting my gran, still sticking to my plan and eating as healthily as possible.

An important non scale victory this week is that I’ve dropped a dress size in four weeks. Which I am thrilled about!! 😀😀😀😀🤗🤗❤❤

Week 3 weigh in.

I’m going to make this quick since I’m on my phone, and dead tired after doing a double shift at work, 14 and a half hours.  I had my weigh in this morning and I’d lost 4lbs and that makes 14 pounds, or a stone, in 3 weeks.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the way my weight loss is going but I’m also surprised by how easy all of this had been. I know within the next couple of weeks my weight loss should show down, which I’m fine with since all I wanted was to lose between 1 and 2lbs a week. Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring.